Electrodes 2 x3.5 Rectangle Choice Foam Pigtail Pk/4


Electrodes 2 x3.5 Rectangle Choice Foam Pigtail Pk/4

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Latex-free * Long lasting .040 inch thick hydrogel * Superior conformability to body contours * Quick moderately aggressive tac * Firm yet gentle electrode to skin contact for multiple applications * High re-wettability/dryout resistance * Effective in high heat and humidity * Highly conductive carbo film * Even current distribution * Soft foam covers * Flexible and conformable to a variety of application sites * Soft molded socket connector * Provides superior connection to the lead wire * Only one available in the market * Highly conductive pigtail wire strands * Flexible and durable for multiple uses * Pictographic electrode liner * Patented electrode design ensures that any user can return electrodes to the correct side of the storage liner *


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